The year is 183 AC, King Aegon IV, known as Aegon the Unworthy, sits upon the Iron Throne. The lands of the north are in a time of peace, though as the Starks words are always true "Winter is Coming."

House Blacksteel of Frostbite Watch rules the lands to the west of the Bite, and have done so for over a century. Lord Devron Blacksteel is the Head of House Blacksteel and has been for only three years, after his brother Lord Darnis, who was always the paranoid sort fled to Essos.

The new Lord has tried to instill order and peace on his lands, which have degraded in the previous two decades into a hollow shell of itself.

Outlaws and brigands plague the outer reaches of the lands, the once safe Shore Road is a crumbling ruin, and most importantly the house’s main source of wealth, the iron mines have fallen into disrepair as many of the small folk have moved on or been killed.

Because of this Lord Jorrel Manderly’s son, Wil Manderly, has been a guest of House Blacksteel to “ensure the safe and peaceful management of Blacksteel lands.”

There are many troubles that plague the house and now, Winter is Coming.

Blades in the Darkness